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hillary clinton's ambitions. >> the 44th president of the united states, p>> a standing o obama. >> president obama making his sixth appearance on the "tonight show," bringing in the highest ratings since the last time he appeared nine months ago. the presidential motorcade seen making i way to the burbank studios. inside, president obama presenting him with a gift. >> this is what i drive in. >> how did you celebrate sunday? >> i had a bunch of friends come over who i don't see that often to try to play little basketball. it was a sad state of affairs. >> really? >> yes. >> opening up about his recent lunch with his former rival, hillary clinton. >> who inviteded who? >> i inviteded her. but the end of my first term, we had become genuinely close. i could not have more respect for her. >> they talked about her run. ential >> did she measure the drapes? keep in mind she has been there before. she doesn't have to measure are about to take over "the tonight show." >> i know. i just don't get it. >> mor at >> new video today. kardashian just posed this sticking out her
. he is strong. he could lift chris christi. president obama, i asked him if he had read 50 shades of grey, it. >> you and whoopi walked off on bill o'reilly. >> he madeut muslims which annoyed me. my body jumped out of the seat. >> you had some big feuds, rosie and elizabeth. >> defend your own insinuations. >> a standout moment when they got on tv. >> would you ever write a tell y'all? >> never. >> no. >> 10 years down the line? >> it's not my thing. >> tell it to my facing. >> whaam i doing next is the next q know? for the blind. it's so crazy, it might>> joy'sr elizabeth hasselbeck, as you hearingout to land a plum prim slot. a source says she is the new face of cable news. so, renee, you were with jodie foster last night. shet played hero for her friend, jamie lee curtis, right? really ld me what happened when jamie lee got into a bad car accident. talked to her at the premiere of her movie. >> she loves to meet her fans and sign autographs and post for pictures at premieres. when the paps catch her out and about, she is not so game. >> they take pictures of you in compromisi
east coast-west coast rivalry? the kardashians versus the obamas. cris j kris jenner is firing back. >> shaq, lindsay lohan. is that a recipe for disaster? >> they would be the best celebrity couple name. >> shohan. kim kardashian and kanye west. >> this is sweet 16. one of the biggest birthday parties you have. and they didn't even show up. >> let's see what's going on in dallas. >> k-fed got hitched. kevin federline went to the hard rock hotel and he eloped with his baby mama victoria prince. >> she's actually a very, very pretty girl. >> yeah. he proposed on monday and got married on tuesday. >> did he do the elvis thing? >> obviously. >> what's weird is britney is starting her biggest show. since she's there she thought she might as well start a lucrative business on the side. i don't know how lucrative this will be. the meatball industry. >> i love meatballs. >> i thought the only [ bleep ] were cheese puffs. >> they're known for having six different types of meatballs. she's going to have some of her own, i suppose. >> i love it. >> yeah, but what's she going to name them? >>
brawl before he order his goons to attack. and president obama shuts down hollywood and goes toe-to-toe with leno. >> now trending, is tiger's $60 million sinking? new video, kardashian's post baby video message today. ho is chasing her little sister. >> the perils of growing up kardashian. >> he goes with harrison ford. >> he is wearing wranglers. >> and what eddie sip ron is saying. >> i love "extra." >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" here at the grove. i am mario lopez. >> and i am maria menounos. coming up, all new clues to the next "dancing with the stars" cast including the truth about the paula deen rumor. >> top story. >> usher's fight to keep his son. his ex launching an all-out custody, saying the lack of supervision le near s in the fifth sunday. s in a i.c.u. after getting his arm stuck in a pool drain. he was in and out there for the accident but made it home in time to with h season. >> gushing about them. >> who dresses those two? >> i did. >> last year a judge awarded custody to the singer. now they will go before the judge friday for a an emergency hea
. there's the obama monument. and there's the vietnam war memorial. yeah, check out that vietnamese guy giving the business to those vietnam vets. scoreboard! scoreboard! aw, what happened to your friend?! hey, i know that guy! i kill him! he cry like a bitch! vietnam, undefeated! all right, this is the hotel where the bellhop works. hey, there he is. sal! well, hey, cleveland! what are you doing here? i was wondering if my friends and i could ask you a few questions. yeah, where'd you hear that dirty joke you told cleveland? that's none of your business! leave me alone! don't let him get away! (horn blares, tires squeal) hop on! where did he go?! i think he went that way, past the reflecting pool! damn! he's nowhere in sight. i'll ask these fellas. maybe they've seen him. excuse me, have you seen...? h-h-hold on a second. i'm trying... hold on a sec. hey, pal, stop talking while i'm talking, all right? you want a sandwich full'a knuckles? do ya? all right, that's it. cleveland, you take cleveland. joe, you take joe. quagmire, you take quagmire and i'll get fatty mcloudmouth. it's no us
cupcakes, including the one and only siri crewscrews -- obama . this gives the red velvet this pop of color, too. >> oh. >> here we go. >> it's ready to put in our pan. >> it will look like this beautiful red color here. >> ice cream scooper. >> this makes sure every cupcake comes out the same size. >> listen, the big trend is make these gigantic cupcakes, i long for the days of a little cupcake we all grew up on. >> that's the best part. >> thank you. >> the best portion, vanilla cream frosting. if you want to make it low fat, use vanilla cream cheese or low fat instead of regular. and squeeze with even pressure burst of pressure right there. >> wendy: got it. >> you want to try? >> wendy: i can do that. >> own your swirl. [ applause [ applause ] >> we love to top all our cupcakes with a little bit of fun and you can take a heart cutter and cut out red hearts. we made special. >> a prawn for you, too. >> wendy: thank you. you don't mind if i sample? while i'm biting -- tell us about your new sumr special. >> we have a new summer special coming out july 1st at 7:00 p.m. on tlc and
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6